JCL BUILDERS & WOODWORKS is owned and operated by John Leavitt
out of Unity New Hampshire. John has been involved in the building
trade for over thirty years. His years of experience shows in the quality
of work that he produces.

JCL BUILDERS has the ability and expertise to produce all types of
building projects. We can do full builds from frame to finish.  JCL
BUILDERS has produced a number of building remodels and additions,
blending different styles seamlessly. JCL BUILDERS specializes in
renovations, including handicapped accessibility builds of entry ramps,
lift/elevator shafts, pocket doors and handicapped bathroom builds.  

JCL WOODWORKS focuses on custom cabinetry and fine furniture
pieces. John has been building Keepsake Chests out of fine New England
figurative hardwood for customers. These chests are true pieces of
collectible artwork and display the true beauty and unique character of
these fine woods. John is gifted with an artistic eye and is able to bring
out the true spirit of these fine woods. JCL WOODWORKS is creating
tomorrow's heirlooms today.

JCL BUILDERS & WOODWORKS is proud to have a good reputation for
excellence in customer service and support. We work with our customers
to ensure their vision of their project is what is delivered.
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